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李园园:计算机专业硕士,Oracle 10g/11g OCM,计算机基础扎实,知识全面,具备数学推理能力。技术方向涉猎云计算、虚拟化、数据分析与 挖掘、Oracle、Linux、Python、Java、Android、区块链等领域,对前瞻技术有浓厚兴趣并享受探究原理、解决问题的成就感。曾申 请技术专利3项、软件著作权1项,发表论文1篇,古筝8级,美国大学生数学建模竞赛1等奖。现就职于证券行业信息科技部门,主要负责证券交易系统管理、数 据库管理、虚拟化建设等多项工作,涵盖DevOps深度实践,包括但不限于应用系统/数据库/虚拟化日常维护、故障处理、架构设计与实践、性能优化、运维 管理等。
Li Yuanyuan: Master degree of Computer Science, Oracle Database Administrator Certified Master 10g and 11g, with solid professional knowledge and strong mathematical reasoning ability. Experience in cloud computing, virtualization, data analyzing and mining, Oracle, Linux, Python, Java, Android, blockchain etc.  Interested in forward technique, enjoy in their exploration and solutions. Applied for 3 patents, 1 software copyright. Published 1 paper. Level 8 in playing Guzheng and Meritorious Winner in Mathematical Contest in Modeling. I am working in Information Technology Department in securities industry, mainly responsible for securities trading system support, database administration, virtualization solutions etc. including DevOps practice, Including but not limited to trading system application/database/ virtualization general maintenance, troubleshooting, architecture design and practice, performance optimization and operations management.