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曾郑鸿(Darrow Zeng:

ORACLE 10g Administraton OCP/OCE/OCM11g Administraton OCP/OCE12c Administraton OCP10年的Oracle数据库从业经验,精通数据库架构设计,数据库管理,ITIL V3 Expert目前致力于政府、医疗、运营商、集团企业等领域,为客户提供Oracle相关的技术咨询服务。熟悉Oracle数据库RACDataGuardGoldengateCloudcontrolOracle DBaaS等技术架构。

ORACLE 10G Administraton OCP/OCE/OCM,11g Administraton OCP/OCE,12c Administraton OCP,10 years of Oracle database experience, proficient in database schema design, database management, ITIL V3 Expert. Is currently working on areas such as Government, healthcare group, operators, enterprises, providing customers with technical advisory services related to Oracle. Be familiar with Oracle databases RAC,DataGuard,Goldengate,EM,Oracle DBaaS technical architecture.