中国东南地区甲骨文用户组 创始人

周清炼:福建省第一批通过ORACLE OCM认证的技术专家。数据库架构师,10+的Oracle数据库从业经验,精通数据库架构设计,数据库开发以及数据库管理;目前致力于为客户提供Oracle相关的技术咨询服务,信息系统项目管理师,6年的团队管理经验,在金融、政府、企业等领域都有成功的服务项目案例;精通Oracle数据库各项技术(RAC,DataGuard,Goldengate,EM等),精通Oracle DBaaS架构;拥有代码开发、代码审核、数据模型设计以及数据仓方面的工作经验,擅长Oracle数据库诊断、性能调优;熟悉大数据相关技术,包括:Hadoop、Spark、Redis等。

Qinglian Zhou, a senior Oracle OCM, technical expert, and database System architect, has 10+ years’ experience in Oracle Database, proficient in Database architecture design, database model design, programming, and database administration.
He has engaged in the realm of IT service, providing IT Infrastructure professional Consulting service, especially with regard to database.
He also is an Information Technology Project Management Professional with 6+ years’ team management experience, offering services to clients related to finance, industry, telecommunications, education, government etc.

In addition, he is proficient in Real Application Cluster, DataGuard, Goldengate, Emterprise Management, Oracle DBaaS etc.
He has rich experience in code development, code review, data model design and Data Warehousing, espcially in performance, SQL, and application tuning.
Now he is very interested in big data, and he has gained experience in Hadoop、Spark、Redis etc.