中国东南地区甲骨文用户组 创始人和联系人, Oracle ACE


Bo Tang is SouthEast China Oracle Users Group Elected Board Member. The position of him is the President of SECOUG from 2017-05-01 until 2019-05-01. The specific activities of him are:

  1. In change of whole operation of SECOUG. Focused on products, technologies, applications and industries, the users groups offer an environment for all customers to network, share information and best practices. 
  2. The legal representative of SECOUG to communicate with Oracle User Community Relationship, APAC.
  3. Provide dynamic forums for like-minded SECOUG members to share information, experiences and expertise.


唐波(botang):Oracle ACE。中国科学院最佳技术实施顾问。具有10+year Oracle EBS 11i和R12系统的实施经验, 资深EBS套件DBA。10g Administraton OCP/OCM,11g Administraton OCP/OCM,RedHat9/RHEL5 RHCE, RHEL5/6 RedHat Certified Instructor。1996年起从事RedFlag/RedHat Linux系统管理和Linux Perl, Awk 开发。 1998年起从事Oracle 9i全线产品系统管理、PL/SQL开发工作。中科院计算机网络信息中心ARP中心全体员工以及全院所有研究所和中国科技大学ERP数据库管理员团队的Oracle内培师。中国科学院ARP项目组数据仓库架构师、核心团队成员、高级工程师。2006年起在福建各大培训机构兼职担任Redhat RHCI讲师和Oracle WDP讲师。培训学员主要来自福建各大IT企业。目前是福建省RHCE/OCP/OCM培训学员数量最多(900+)的讲师,其中WDP培训学时超过1000天。DBAPlus社群福州地区联合发起人,ACOUG中国行和Oracle技术嘉年华演讲嘉宾、恩墨讲师。


Bo Tang(botang):One of the earner of the honor of“Best Information Technology Implementation Consultant of Chinese Academy of Science”. 10+ years experience about implementation, operation & maintenance of EBS 11i and R12 System. Senior and fully qualified EBS suite DBA。10g Administrator OCP/OCM,11g Administrator OCP/OCM,RedHat9/RHEL5 RHCE, RHEL5/6 RedHat Certified Instructor。Core member of ACOUG(,Core member of SHOUG(

Since 1996,He has been devoting on system administration of RedFlag/RedHat Linux and development with Perl and Awk language on Linux. Since 1998, He has been devoting on Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c database and application server administration as well as development with PL/SQL, too. He is the Oracle trainer to provide training service of oracle database to the staff of ARP branch of Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Science annually at Beijing or Xian since 2010. He is also the Oracle trainer of the ERP DBA group of all of the institutes among Chinese Academy of Science and the ERP DBA group of University of Science and Technology of China. He is the Oracle Warehouse Architect of ARP Project of Chinese Academy of Science, Core member of ARP Project and Senior Engineer. Since 2006, he has been aquired the qualification of Redhat RHCI and Oracle WDP Instutor, hence been enthusing about introducing Oracle technology to public at all of the main technology training institute in Fujian province, China. His trainees mainly comes from all big IT companies of Fujian province. He also becomes the most famous Oracle DBA trainer with the greatest amount of RHCE/OCP/OCM trainees (900+)in Fujian province. He has been teaching OCP/OCM on the Oracle WDP project more than 1000 working days. He is one of the founders of “DBAPlus” community of Fuzhou Region. He is invited to make many speeches on “ACOUG Asian Tour” and “Oracle Technology Carnival of China” as well as “Enmo College”。